Guitar Cake – What’s cake got to do with it?

What’s cake got to do with it?

Here at Putty Cakes we get some unusual requests which stretch our creativity to the limit, but that’s the sort of challenge we love. Now, here’s one that comes in our Top 5 complexity-wise, mainly because of the sheer size and weight of it. A life-size guitar. Your eyes don’t deceive you. A life-size guitar.

This request was part of a combined special birthday and 45th wedding anniversary celebration for world-famous songwriter, Terry Britten. His name might not be that familiar, but his work certainly will be. He’s written for Cliff Richard, Michael Jackson and Status Quo, but perhaps his most well-known songs, composed with partner Graham Lyle, were for Tina Turner— ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ and ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero.’

We almost needed another hero to make that guitar cake—and no, we didn’t have a full-sized guitar shaped cake tin. Here’s how we did it: Gavin cut the guitar shape out of MDF, which he covered with fondant icing. We made huge trays of sponge, with 45 eggs and 2.2 kg of butter, flour and sugar, flavoured with vanilla essence. The cake was then cut to shape on a template, filled with butter cream and raspberry jam, covered with a crumb coating then iced in white sugar paste.

The neck was made separately using exactly the same technique. The fret board was made from rolled out icing and the strings were silver embroidery thread attached by real screws.

Now for the very artistic bit. Using edible food colours, Gavin airbrushed the cake to get the desired wood effects—orangey for the body and dark wood for the neck. He resisted the temptation to pick it up and strum a few chords, though it looked realistic enough to give it a try.

Lisa, Terry’s daughter, summed up the family’s reaction: Oh my, what a cake!!!!! We gave these wonderful bakers very little notice to make us a life-size guitar cake. They were so helpful from initial enquiry through to delivery. So easy to deal with and when the cake arrived I was thrilled!! It was so well done, reasonably priced and delicious! Thank you so much Putty Cakes, highly recommend!

In the words of another Terry Britten song title, as sung by Cliff Richard: ‘Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)’ That’s what we like to do for every one of our clients here at Putty Cakes.